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10A lotus plus

10A lotus series

tests and certs

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10A Dr Pini

fluid resistant particulate respirator (surgical N95 equivalent)

  • WHO-compliant surgical respirator

  • obtained EN14683 Type IIR + EN149 FFP2 NR simultaneously

  • obtained ISO 18184 : 2019 antiviral (H1N1) activity (filter layer)

  • obtained ISO 20743 : 2013 antibacterial (MRSA) activity (filter layer)

  • superior filtration, 99% PFE / BFE

  • excellent breathability  (ΔP< 60Pa)

  • wearing : headband type (with adjustor included)

  • equipped with M-shape nose sponge

  • available in stardard & slim sizes

eXtreme protective comfort technology

10A respirator
10A is breathable

antiviral & antibacterial

2 sizes to fit different face types

ultra low breathing resistance


10A filtration technology
10A eXtreme protective comfort technology
10A excels

superior filtration

excellent air leakage prevention

180-200+ fit test scores

comfortable and secure fit

10A Lotus Adjustable Headbands

adjustable headband for a secured and comfortable fit, ideal for extended use

adjustable headband

10A lotus plus

droplet & splash resistance

spunbond PET/PP provides an excellent water-repellent and water-resistant performance

built-In nose wire &
M-shaped nose cushion

alleable but strong nose wire that would mold perfectly and closely to the nose, and with the help of nose cushion, sealing it and reducing air leakage.

4-layer defense

EP inner layer



                 filter layer

excellent antiviral & antibacterial functions

meltblown filter layer

extra protection against particulates & fluids

spunbond PET/PP outer layer

excellent water repellent & resistant performance 

lotus plus
lotus plus
lotus plus
lotus plus
Dr Pini's Guide to Lotus Plus (10A)

Built-In Nose Wire & M-shaped Nose Cushion

Extra comfort from high density & slow resilience synthetic Latex foam


Adjustable Headband

Ideal for secured fit and extended use

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