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10A millefeuille

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KN95 respirator

  • KN95 respirator (T/CTCA7-2019 & GB2626-2019)

  • obtained ISO 18184 : 2019 antiviral (H1N1) activity (filter layer)

  • obtained ISO 20743 : 2013 antibacterial (MRSA) activity (filter layer)

  • superior filtration, 99% PFE / BFE

  • excellent breathability  (ΔP< 60Pa)

  • wearing : earloop type (Pioppini string)

  • one size fits all

  • reusable (for non-medical purposes only)*
    *It should be used in strict accordance with the instructions for cleaning after use. The effect may vary from person to person. Repeated use is not suitable for medical protection purposes.


antiviral & antibacterial

ultra low breathing resistant



superior filtration

excellent air leakage prevention


safe and fashionable

Pioppini earloop

fashionable earloop strings with our mascot Pioppini family


4-layer filtering

  • KN95 grade respirator with fashionable patterns

  • integrated with 
    antiviral & antibacterial filter

Nanogo logo (R)-01.png

6 colours available

  • matching with your everyday outfit and vibes

  • reusable up to 3 times* 

Built-In Nose Wire & M-shaped Nose Cushion

Extra comfort from high density & slow resilience synthetic Latex foam


Adjustable Headband

Ideal for secured fit and extended use

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