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RB Plus

tests and certs

product comparison


fluid resistant particulate respirator (surgical N95 equivalent)

  • WHO-compliant surgical respirator

  • obtained EN14683 Type IIR + EN149 FFP2 NR simultaneously

  • superior filtration, 99% PFE / BFE

  • excellent breathability  (ΔP< 60Pa)

  • nanofiber filter

  • wearing : headband type (adjustors included)

  • equipped with M-shape nose sponge

  • one size fits all

 protective comfort technology 


ultra low breathing resistant


superior filtration


excellent air leakage prevention

130-200+ fit test score

comfortable and secured

IMG_0628 (1)_edited.jpg

built-in nose wire &
M-shaped nose cushion

alleable but strong nose wire that would mold perfectly and closely to the nose, and with the help of nose cushion, sealing it and reducing air leakage.

nanofiber filter

droplet & splash resistance

adjustable headbands

adjustable headband for a secured and comfortable fit, ideal for extended use

provides protection and comfort to the user

spunbond PET/PP provides an excellent water-repellent and water-resistant performance

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